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Ines Nsiri- Ness Photography-  destination Montreal Toronto Ottawa Wedding Engagement Lifestyle Photographer


My name is Ines and I am the photographer behind Ness Photography.  When I first picked up a camera, I started seeing the world differently and fell in love with telling people’s story through my lens.  Since then, I developed my technique and approach in order to document the world around me in a photojournalistic, natural and creative way.

Ness means people and I chose this name because I LOVE photographing people; whether it’s a wedding, family portrait or a lifestyle session; the individual in front of the camera is always my inspiration. And my biggest reward is the smiles I see after sharing the photos I take.

I am a citizen of the world; I lived in Paris, Hong Kong, Tunisia and now Canada. I have traveled to over 20 countries and I will always continue pursue inspiration all over the world.

Montreal, Canada is my home now but I travel everywhere for work.

So let’s meet and have a chat! Drop me a word right here or stay up to date with my recent photography work on Ness Photography Instagram and my travel updates on my personal instagram

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2018-2019 TRAVEL DATES

February 10th to 25th- TURKEY + INDIA

April 7th to 11th and 26 to 29th-  TORONTO, ON

May 20 to 22- BOSTON, MA

June 10th to 16th- VANCOUVER, BC

July31st to August 2nd- NEW YORK CITY, NY

August 18th to August 27th- TUNISIA  

November 10th to 13th- NYC

February 24th to March 2nd- Jamaica 


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